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    Friday, March 10, 2017

    Blog Tour: THE DEEP END by Kristen Ashley

    THE DEEP END - header banner

    ✮✮✮A delicious world of erotica, BDSM with alpha-subs and their Dommes, and a gripping love story…Welcome to The Bee’s Honey! The first book in New York Times bestselling author Kristen Ashley’s Honey Series, THE DEEP END is a seductive and rich lovestory. Order your copy today! ✮✮✮

    Fall into THE DEEP END and order your copy today!


    About THE DEEP END (Erotic Romance Releasing March 7, 2017):

    Enter a decadent sensual world where gorgeous alpha males are committed to fulfilling a woman's every desire…

    Olivier isn’t sure what he’s gotten himself into when he joins the Honey Club, only that a dark part of him hungers for the lifestyle offered by this exclusive club. Here, no boundary will be left untested…and one's deepest fantasies will become an exquisite reality.

    When Amélie invites Olivier to surrender, she gives the alpha submissive what he craves. Soon they both find themselves falling harder than they ever anticipated—but as their connection deepens, the truth about Olivier’s past could destroy everything…

    Gripping and seductive, The Deep End is the first book in a sensational new series from bestselling author Kristen Ashley.

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    THE DEEP END - Tour teaser 1

    My rating: 4 of 5 stars

    I think this was the hardest KA book to rate that I've ever read. It was not what I expected, but then again I didn't know what to expect so I went into this with zero expectations. When I heard that Kristen Ashley was introducing a new erotica series, I was intrigued. My curiosity has been slaked but I'm not sure exactly what to say about this read. At first I was going to DNF this story for a multitude of reasons, one of which was the oddity of what I was reading. But then I looked at it from a different angle and found that if I read this as regular old smut, it was quite entertaining. So I've labeled this smut and encourage smut lovers to take a chance on it.

    Amelie is a domme at the Honey Club who has finally figured out, after seven years on the scene, that she wants more. She wants more than what the posturing subs that frequent the place have to offer. She wants more than a sub who will break under pressure. She wants a sub that she can bond with and have a future with. She meets Olivier and while he's new to the club (and to the life), it's almost immediately apparent that he is all that she's wished for and more. He offers a fulfillment and a kinship she hadn't found before.

    Olivier was obviously no ordinary sub. For one, he was huge and I mean everywhere ladies *wink. He was also quite the Alpha and found it hard to relinquish the rigid control he held over himself. I think that's what I liked about him and Amelie. There was a fluidity and sensuality throughout their relationship, both in and out of the bedroom/playroom and they both seemed to have an inherent sense of each other's limits.

    So, what didn't work for me was the fact that Olivier was an Alpha and I was expected to believe that he wanted to be submissive. Huh? That didn't work for me. Maybe if I didn't find plenty of KA-isms throughout this story, such as typical Alpha/caveman behavior like grunting and "babe" and the use of incomplete sentences, maybe then this would be easier to read. But the KA formula was still there and as much as I still love that formula, there was an idiosyncrasy when linked to the idea of an Alpha male as a submissive. And I didn't completely buy the idea of Amelie as a domme. The scenes where she played weren't enjoyable for me. I preferred when she and Olivier were real with each rather than playing a scene that lacked authenticity. This was a huge step out of the box for KA fans such as myself and I'm unsure if it was a hit or a miss. I'm still contemplating the effect this story had on me.

    Release Date: March 7, 2017
    Genre: Erotica - BDSM
    POV: Dual - 3rd person
    Steam: 5 out of 5
    Book Type: Book One of the Honey series


    She turned back to him. “You seem to have a good deal of stamina.”
    “Amélie…Mistress, I don’t think you’re getting’ that I seriously find you not hard on the eyes.”
    She bent closer, as intended for this part of their session, some of her fair falling on his chest in another caress. She did this letting her amusement show, if not all of the emotion she felt at his compliment.
    “I wonder, mon chou, if you think you can butter me up with compliments.”
    “I don’t know. Maybe. Though not sure why I’d bother since I didn’t give you one and you just made me shoot a huge-ass load the like that have never come from my cock.”
    “And he gives another compliment,” she said through a smile.
    “You earn it, I’ll say it, he replied, his lips twitching. “That is, if I’m physically capable of speech.”
    She was still smiling when she reached out a hand and delicately traced circles around his nipple.
    His eyes darkened.
    Her good humor increased.
    “You’re of course aware I should do something about you being so audaciously cheeky.”
    Another darkness crossed his face. “What?”
    “I shouldn’t allow you to be cheeky with me.”
    “Impudent,” she explained.
    The look fled. “You mean, in uppity, hot-chick speak, a wise-ass.”
    Amélie couldn’t help it, she laughed softly.
    “She’s got a pretty laugh, too, to go with that pretty accent,” he murmured and she saw his eyes on her lips.
    I could get lost in this one, she thought. Lost and never found.

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    THE DEEP END - Tour teaser 2

    Kristin Ashley - headshot
    About Kristen Ashley:

    Kristen Ashley was born in Gary, Indiana, USA and nearly killed her mother and herself making it into the world, seeing as she had the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck (already attempting to accessorise and she hadn't taken her first breath!). Her mother said they took Kristen away, put her Mom back in her room, her mother looked out the window, and Gary was on fire (Dr. King had been assassinated four days before). Kristen's Mom remembered thinking it was the end of the world. Quite the dramatic beginning.

    Nothing's changed.

    Kristen grew up in Brownsburg, Indiana and has lived in Denver, Colorado and the West Country of England. Thus, she's blessed to have friends and family around the globe. Her family was (is) loopy (to say the least) but loopy is good when you want to write. They all lived together on a very small farm in a small farm town in the heartland. She grew up with Glenn Miller, The Everly Brothers, REO Speedwagon and Whitesnake (and the wardrobes that matched).

    Needless to say, growing up in a house full of music, clothes and love was a good way to grow up.

    And as she keeps growing, it keeps getting better.


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