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    Friday, 11 November 2016

    What If It's Right? by JB Heller

    Title: What If It's Right?
    Author: JB Heller
    Genre: Comedic Contemporary Romance
    Cover Design: Melissa Gill, MGBookCovers
    Release Date: November 26, 2016



    I have a problem. A big freaking problem.
    Her name is Tory Dixon.
    I’ve been in love with her since I was 17.
    The problem you ask?
    She’s kinda my best friends mum.


    I have a six foot, three inches tall, 22 year-old, problem.
    His name is Weston Banks.
    I’ve been pretending he doesn’t have feelings for me for the last six years.
    You see, fourteen years ago, I became my nephews guardian.
    And Weston, well, he's my nephews best friend.
    Which makes him ten years my junior and oh so deliciously complicated.

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    Author Bio

    JB Heller is an average Aussie housewife in her late 20’s with a wicked sexy imagination. She and her super sexy husband are the parents of three minions, two Great Danes and a Cat who thinks she’s a person.

    She spends her days running around after her wildling children and jotting down stories in her flower embossed leather notebook (She is very particular about her stationary.). She’s a self-confessed Stationary Junky who’s constantly on the lookout for more.

    Most day’s JB can be found glued to her laptop, taking advantage of school hours- writing as fast as she can while she can. Or trolling Pinterest for her next potential muse. And when she needs a break from the voices in her head she indulges in her favourite past time, reading.

    Want to know more about JB? Check her out, you’ll be guaranteed a good laugh if nothing else.

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