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    Sunday, 18 September 2016

    Review: Levi's Blue

    Levi's Blue Levi's Blue by M. Leighton
    My rating: 5 of 5 stars

    4.5 "I LOVE Levi and his Levi blue skies" stars!!

    This story was chock full of feels. So many feels. I couldn't help but sympathize with Evie's (h) plight. As her story started to unfold, my compassion for her only grew. I cannot imagine what this must be like (sorry for being vague but I don't want to give away the plot), but the author created an incredibly fierce character that I couldn't help but like. Evie was beautiful, strong, talented, adaptable and a great maker of cold beverages.

    Levi (H) ... I LOVED this character so much and despite (or maybe because of) his past and his past actions, he became a better man for Evie. He found the meaning of his life with her. Their relationship was so sweet, the banter was so witty, and their chemistry was so off-the-charts hot! What I loved the most about Levi was how far he was willing to go to achieve a HEA with Evie. I'm a real sucker for a man who knows how to humble himself for his woman.

    Nothing. Better.

    There was obviously some conflict and there were plenty of people I wanted to throat punch. *cough* Julianne *cough* M. Leighton even handled the angst in a way that made me love this couple even more. The story was beautifully written with amazing characters and the epilogue was absolutely amazing. I couldn't have imagined a better ending for these two.

    A copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

    P.S. In the acknowledgements, the author gave a link to John Bramblitt's work and it is remarkable. I'm not an art connoisseur or anything, but I do believe that his work is not only unique because he is blind, but it is better than a lot of what I've seen from those who CAN see. You should check it out:

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