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    Wednesday, 3 August 2016

    Review: Cease and Desist

    Cease and Desist Cease and Desist by Nenia Campbell
    My rating: 5 of 5 stars

    Holy Moley!! 4.5 stars!!

    Absolutely the best book of the series!!

    Every time I thought that Christina and Michael had the upper hand, Adrian seemed to be two steps ahead of them. It made for some intense reading. And I loved every minute of it! Although I hated him, Adrian Callaghan was an insane/genius mastermind.

    The way that Adrian met his end (finally!) was at once satisfying and heartbreaking. Why Nenia??? Why you do me like that???


    So upset right now :(

    That ending though. Any chance I could see what is in the message to Christina??? Can you write some more on this series please, Nenia Campbell. A novella perhaps? *wink*


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